Omkaraa Arts ...

By Sivaanan Balachandran


The Artist

Thick and strong, dollops of passion and love for the visual arts, blended in together with years of teaching experience, continuous learning,  and progressive manipulation. 

Stroked swiftly with a whiff onto a blank canvas, meticulous and precise; often led by strong imaginations. Thus; creating art work which are different and often with a loud story to tell.

A platform of self expression I have built with the plays of the colours and strokes. Emotions often outshines and it's greatness unfolds when individualistic interpretation is produced. Each unique to it's own.

Tapping into the education line and spreading the joy of self expression via art has now become vital. A calling which I have set to embark, subtly overshadowing myths which made many handicap artistically. 

''It is never about how the level of talent one has in the creative field,,... It is about how much attention you want to spend nurturing them''


"It was creativity awaiting to burst into the world, yet I suppressed it, fearing rejection and wanting only acceptance. No longer I succumb to the fear, for rejection itself is better than going unnoticed..."  Sivaanan Balachandran.

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