Omkaraa Arts ...

By Sivaanan Balachandran


As the blank canvas awaits....

Omkaraa Arts, as how I envisioned, is an open canvas; awaiting to be filled with vibrant strokes of artistic utensils. Thus, cultivating a mind consistently creative and endlessly working to enhance heights once deemed impossible.

Art works are produced and exhibited/sold at the highest level of standards and professionalism.

I live by and practice a quote I received from my mentor years back " Anyone can paint" Talent alone is insufficient compared to patience. Patience to strive for excellence. Talent can't be nurtured but patience can.

Omkaraa Arts was once an idea dwelling in the mind awaiting daylight's shine.

It is now aimed to grow into a name representing art work production of quality an art classes nurturing excellence in creativity at any age.

"As far as one reaches, the journey of learning and self discovery is endless and only stops as when heart beat does." - Anonymous